Frequently Asked Questions



How often should I test my well water?
It is recommended to first test soon after a new well is installed, thereafter, every three to five years, whenever there is a change in property ownership, or whenever there is noticeable change in the water quality; including changes in taste, odor or color.

Can I do my own water testing?
Yes. Gilford Well Company can send one of our trained professionals to come to your home to sample your drinking water or you may come by the office an pick up the test bottles along with detailed instructions that make taking the water sample yourself easy.

Once the test is collected, Gilford Well Company offers a variety of water testing services. We can test residential drinking water for bacteria, minerals, hardness and any number of other items you may be concerned with in your drinking water.

You can choose from testing for an individual item to having a standard water test completed or specific tests can be completed that may be needed for mortgages, VA or FHA loan approval.

What happens if my water 'fails' the test?
As part of being a full service Well Drilling Company, Gilford Well Company installs and services water filtration systems to remove all sorts of contaminates. We offer products as simple as cartridge filters to remove sediment or elaborate systems to remove iron, manganese, hardness, radon and other contaminates.