Water Testing & Filtration


A Full Range of Water Testing Services
We can test residential drinking water for bacteria, minerals, hardness and any number of other items you may be concerned with in your drinking water.

  • Testing for individual chemicals or contaminants
  • Complete standard water tests
  • Testing for mortgages, VA or FHA loan approval
  • In-home testing by our professionals
  • Self-testing kits with detailed instructions


Water Filtration Systems
As part of being a full service well drilling company, Gilford Well Company installs and services water filtration systems to remove all sorts of contaminates. We offer products as simple as cartridge filters to remove sediment or elaborate systems to remove iron, manganese, hardness, radon and other contaminates.

More Information
See the Online Answer Center and Fact Sheets page for more information about residential wells, well pumps, filtration systems, and more.