Public Water System Operation
What are community water systems?
Water systems which are governed under the NHDES community water systems rules are those which serve water to the general public such as restaurants, schools, hotels / motels, and systems which supply water to nine or more homes and businesses.
Gilford Well Co. is a licensed NH public water system operator.
As an operator we handle all of the NHDES required water sampling and operational duties. We provide 24/7 service to assure consistent quality water is provided by the water system.
Operation of a water system does not just happen.
Both long and short range planning is required to operate a system effectively. Gilford Well works closely with the owners of the water system to assure that the proper design, installation, and operation plans are set in place to meet or exceed NHDES standards.
Ultimately Gilford Well strives to provide proactive rather than reactive service, however with our own backhoes and mechanical crews Gilford Well Co. is prepared to provide service at a moments notice.
More Information
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